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Are you passionate about the art of learning and proficient in the craft of writing? Do you yearn to disseminate your knowledge and ideas to a global audience? If you find yourself nodding in agreement, we cordially invite you to be a part of our thriving community.

VISAPP is in perpetual search of exceptional and zealous bloggers eager to enrich our platform. We extend our warm embrace to contributions spanning a diverse spectrum of subjects, encompassing education, technology, management, and an array of other enlightening domains.

Becoming a VISAPP Blog Contributor

If the prospect of becoming a valued contributor to the VISAPP blog entices you, kindly furnish us with a concise overview of your writing journey along with a selection of your written work. Our dedicated team will meticulously review your submission within a span of 4 to 5 working days. As you embark on this journey, cultivating your presence on social media and other digital realms can prove invaluable, enhancing your visibility and facilitating connections with potential fellow bloggers.

Submission Criteria

To maintain the integrity of our platform, we uphold a set of submission guidelines:

  • Originality is Paramount: We exclusively accept original, unpublished content in MS Word format. Kindly refrain from submitting articles that have found their place elsewhere, be it on your personal blog or any other platform. We conduct thorough plagiarism checks to ensure the authenticity of each submission.
  • Exclusivity: Any article published on VISAPP should not appear on other platforms subsequently.
  • Clarity and Professionalism: Our content upholds a high standard of English proficiency, devoid of errors or inconsistencies. Elevate the visual appeal of your articles with captivating headings, subheadings, and pertinent images. Commercial promotions or self-serving links are discouraged; prioritize content that resonates with and engages the reader.
  • Fresh Insights: We avoid duplicating content on topics already covered. Therefore, we encourage contributors to propose at least 3 to 4 unique topic ideas for consideration by our content editor.
  • Timely Communication: Once you’ve shared your information via the submission form, we’ll reach out within 5 working days. Please understand that not every topic may be approved immediately; patience is key.
  • Author Bio: Craft a concise professional description and provide links to relevant portfolios, websites, or LinkedIn profiles. This bio will accompany your published article.
  • Subject Matter Expertise: We value Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in various domains, including AIML, Data Science, Digital Marketing, Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Software Development, IoT, Blockchain, and Management.
  • Content Auditing: VISAPP reserves the right to periodically audit guest posts to ensure ongoing freshness and relevance. These audits may involve adding, editing, or removing text, links, or images, or even repositioning or consolidating content.

Content and Topic Guidelines

  • Blog submissions should span at least 900 words.
  • Enrich your articles with pertinent data, verifiable facts, original images (in .jpeg or .png format), subheadings, bulleted lists, and numbered points to enhance readability. Ensure proper attribution to the original source through hyperlinks.

Topics We Embrace

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Science
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Computing

Join us on this exciting journey of knowledge sharing and exploration. Together, we’ll illuminate the path to a more informed, interconnected world. Your insights are the spark that fuels our collective enlightenment.